Has it been a while since your last wax? Follow these post-wax skincare tips!

Social distancing has been hard for a lot of reasons, and lack of self-care availability has undoubtedly been a challenge. If you’re ready to get back to your routine with professional skin care services, skin waxing may be high on your list of priorities. Of course, if it’s been some weeks or months since your last wax, your skin may be particularly sensitive to treatment. Fortunately, we’ve got some reliable post-wax skincare tips to help you recover quickly.

Here at Bare Necessity Wax & Spa, we understand that hair removal has a reputation for being uncomfortable. However, we do everything we can to make waxing as pain-free as possible, beginning with our choice of wax. We use low-temperature European hard waxes that form a better grip on unwanted hair, making removal much easier on the skin. Even still, your post-wax skin will benefit from the following tips.

Start preparing your post-wax skincare routine beforehand.

Before you even head to your waxing appointment, you can start preparing for post-wax skin sensitivity. First, be sure that your skin and clean before your appointment. Showering after a wax appointment can be irritating due to the hot water as well as scented bath products.

If you are having a bikini wax or other body wax service, wear loose comfortable clothing that won’t rub or chafe the skin following your appointment. Natural fibers like cotton and wool knits will be gentler on sensitive skin than synthetics like polyester.

Avoid touching your skin.

After waxing, your skin is more susceptible to bacterial infections, so you should make a point not to touch the treated area. While your skin will be touchable and soft after some healing, it should be left alone as much as possible for a day or so after the wax.

For skin that’s been waxed for the first time or has gone several months without a wax, ingrown hairs may be a possibility. Your wax technician can recommend an ingrown hair serum to help treat your skin. Do not attempt to pluck or pop ingrown hairs, especially in the first hours after your waxing service.

Steer clear of scented products.

Ideally, you won’t use lotions, scented soaps, or other potentially irritating products in your post-wax skincare routine. Scented products in particular can cause redness, itchiness, and other types of irritation on recently waxed skin. If you do want some soothing moisture, opt for all-natural aloe vera gel to cool and moisturize the skin. Aloe also has antimicrobial properties, so it’s an ideal choice for your temporarily sensitive skin.

Apply (and re-apply) sunscreen.

If you can, avoid sun exposure after skin waxing. You may burn easier than usual, since waxing not only removes hair, but also exfoliates the skin. When you do need to go outside, apply sunscreen that uses a physical rather than a chemical barrier to block UV rays. Look for active mineral ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Of course, a wide brimmed hat and protective clothing are also helpful for limiting sun exposure.

Wait a day before taking a dip.

You might book skin waxing services before a trip to the beach or a weekend stay at a poolside resort. However, make sure you allow your skin some time between the wax and your beach body debut. Being submerged in any kind of water—even a bath—can irritate the skin following a wax. But swimming pools and beaches can be particularly problematic due to salt water and water treatment chemicals, like chlorine.

Your skin care services should always have you feeling pampered and beautiful. That’s what we strive for at Bare Necessity Wax & Spa. We’ll take extra steps to ensure your comfort waxing even the most delicate areas. Visit us in Gilbert or in Tucson for waxing services you’ll love.