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Bare Necessity Wax & Spa uses a special European blend of low temperature hard waxes that are enriched with several active ingredients guaranteeing maximum effectiveness in the removal of all unwanted hair. Our wax service not only leaves the skin soft and glowing but its shrink wrap technology eliminates pulling of the skin making the procedure much less painful than traditional wax methods. As we aim to win over the hearts of our clients with our quality service, we also know how important it is to use only the highest quality products we can find, especially in those oh so delicate areas such as the face, underarms and bikini.

Body Waxing

Woman's Brazilian$48 / 15 - 30 minutes

Bare it all with a full Brazilian wax! This wax service leaves your entire bikini area smooth and even addresses those hard-to-reach hairs in the back. Of course, you can still add your own signature with a neat triangle, strip, or square in the front. Make it your own and wear it with pride!

Woman's Bikini Full$40 / 15 - 30 Minutes

Not sure about taking it all off between the cheeks? A full bikini wax might be just your style. Leave a landing strip behind or enjoy total smoothness to spare yourself from any embarrassing fly-aways while dawning a bikini.

Woman's Bikini Line$32 / 15 Minutes

Feeling shy but still want to clean up that panty line? The bikini line wax lets you keep things neat and tidy without exposing everything. In fact, your privates will stay private during this wax treatment, as it only addresses the sides and top of the pubic area. Think of it as a basic tidying—and a great introduction to the bikini wax treatment.

Woman's Butt Cheeks$25 / 15 Minutes

If you wouldn’t dare to bare your derriere, a butt wax is the perfect confidence booster. This wax service covers the whole cheek area, so your butt will feel touchably soft. It’s a great pairing with a bikini or brazillian for the ladies. 

Under Arms$18 / 15 Minutes

Tired of shaving your under arms every day? (Not to mention the irritation that follows) Forget about the bumps and daily stubble and see a smoothness you haven’t experienced before. You’ll be swearing off sleeves in no time. With continued wax service, you’ll only need treatments about once every four weeks to stay silky smooth.

Full Legs (Includes Feet and Toes)$68 / 45 Minutes

Think about the silky smoothness of your legs just after you shave in the shower. Now imagine that feeling lasting for weeks. That’s what you get with a full leg wax. This one takes off the hair from your feet all the way to your upper thighs. (Available for men too!) 

Half legs (Includes Feet and Toes)$38 / 30 Minutes

Many women don’t see as much hair growth on the upper leg as the lower leg. If that describes you, then skip the full leg wax and go for the half leg treatment instead. From the top of the knee down to your feet, you can feel that silky smoothness you crave without risking the nicks and irritation of shaving. (This wax service is available for men too!) 

Full Arms (Includes Hands and Shoulders)$38 / 30 Minutes

Some people are blessed with thin, soft, and nearly invisible arm hair. If you’re not one of those people, arm waxing can give you the confidence to bare your arms. Full arm waxing covers your hands to your shoulders and leaves your arms feeling oh so smooth. Perfect for men and women alike!  

Half Arms (Includes Hands OR Shoulder)$28 / 15 Minutes

Don't need your whole arm waxed? From shoulder to elbow or elbow to hand you pick your prefrence, either way you will leave silky smooth ready to show off those arms!

Stomach $26 / 15 Minutes

For those with dark, thick hair, selecting swimwear can be dreadful. With a stomach wax, you can stop confining yourself to a one-piece! This wax is a quick 15-minute treatment that will leave your midsection feeling soft and smooth. Finally, an end to thick regrowth and skin irritation caused by shaving this sensitive area.

Stomach Strip$11 / 15 Minutes

A bit of peach fuzz around the belly button isn’t anything to worry about, but when your hair grows thick and dark, you may gravitate towards one-piece swimwear and avoid crop tops at all costs. Shaving the belly isn’t ideal, but a stomach strip wax can help you show off your belly with confidence. This wax is also a great addition to any bikini wax service!

Chest & Stomach (Includes Shoulders)$52 / 45 Minutes

Does it sometimes feel like you’ve got a sweater on underneath your shirt? With excess chest and stomach hair—a problem many men experience—things can get a little warm and a little uncomfortable. Waxing removes the hair on the entire chest and belly and eliminates the rough stubble that comes with regular shaving. Did we also mention we include the shoulders for free? 

Chest$27 / 30 Minutes

Ladies love a man with a smooth chest. If you’ve ever shaved your chest to achieve that smoothness, you were probably dealing with coarse, itchy stubble within a day. Waxing achieves a supple softness, so you’ll be ready to bare your chest on the beach or in the bedroom.

Chest Strip$16 / 15 Minutes

If that little strip of hair down the center of your chest and or around the aureolas bothers you, come in and we will get rid of it in a jiffy.

Shoulders$20 / 15 Minutes

If you’ve noticed your shoulder fuzz turn into a thicker, fuller coat, shaving might not be enough to manage the new growth. Plus, shaving your own shoulders may be a nearly impossible task. Forget the struggle and schedule a shoulder wax instead. Perfect for your manscaping needs.

Full Back (Includes Shoulders)$55 / 30 Minutes

It’s nearly impossible to deal with back hair on your own. Full back waxing is an easy way to tackle this job, and it covers the whole back from the shoulders to your belt line. Back waxing can be intense if it’s your first time, but our gentle waxing process will help you stay comfortable. Plus, hair grows back thinner and softer, so waxing will be easier.

Half Back$25 / 30 Minutes

Back hair doesn’t tend to have an even growth pattern, and the lower back usually has the most coverage. So, you can go for just the lower back in your waxing treatment, covering the area from the mid-back to the beltline. 

Hands$11 / 15 Minutes

Do your hands and fingers feel a little fuzzy? Our hand waxing service smooths the backs of the hands, making it more comfortable to wear your favorite watches and jewelry. This service is available a la carte, but it is also included in our full and half arm waxing services. 

Feet & Toes$11 / 15 Minutes

Sandals are a wardrobe staple in Arizona, but hairy toes and feet may have you feeling like you can’t show off in strappy footwear. Stop fussing with tweezers or dealing with coarse post-shave stubble. Waxing the feet and toes is a great way to treat your feet, and it will leave the skin feeling noticeably soft.

Face Waxing

Brows$18 / 15 minutes

Shapely brows can complement any face, but it’s all too easy to pluck too much with tweezers. Brow waxing covers the area between the brow and then perfectly shapes your brows to match your facial features. Both men and women can benefit from brow waxing, which also includes a brow trim for those unwieldy stray hairs. 

Perfect Brows (Includes Brow Wax & Brow Tint)$30 / 30 Minutes

Have years of tweezing left your brows feeling a little thin? Pairing your brow wax service with a brow tint will give you back the definition you crave. Waxing will shape and clean up your brows while tinting will return some depth to make your brows a prominent feature on your face. Perfect brows in two simple steps.

Brows & Tint (Includes Brow Wax, Brow and Lash Tint)$48 / 45 Minutes

The eyes are one of the first things on the face people tend to notice, which means that the eyebrows are a common point of focus as well. Give them the full treatment with brow waxing and tinting, which will add color to your newly shaped brows to give them added depth and definition. Lash tinting is also included in this service, so your eyes will always make an impression. 

Brow and Lip$28 / 15 Minutes

Many women who come in for a brow wax add on an upper lip wax to eliminate pesky peach fuzz while achieving perfect brows. Combined, these services are done in about 15 minutes, meaning you can easily fit them in on your lunch break or within a busy day of running errands. Just think, you’re only 15 minutes away from flawless.

Unibrow$8 / 15 Minutes

If you’re always fighting to mask your caveman (or cavewoman) brow, a unibrow wax is a quick fix. Shaving between the brows is delicate work that usually leaves the brows looking a little rough. Waxing creates even, smooth definition between the brows, and it only takes a few minutes.

Lip$10 / 15 Minutes

The upper lip is one of the most common areas for women to wax. Shaving can leave a visible shadow and hair removal creams never seem to work. So, skip the nonsense and schedule a wax instead. That over-the-lip peach fuzz will be gone in a matter of minutes.

Chin$11 / 15 Minutes

Some women deal with chin fuzz their whole lives and others won’t see chin hair pop up until they get older. Chin hair tends to grow coarse and wiry, so waxing is one of the most effective ways to get rid of it. This waxing service covers the chin, lower lip, and jawline. 

Cheeks Burns$15 / 15 Minutes

Sideburns have been out of style for decades, and for women, they’ve never really been in vogue. Cheek and sideburn waxing addresses those stubborn burns and the cheeks, leaving your face incredibly soft and smooth. Particularly if you have darker hair, this facial wax is an essential part of any beauty routine.

Nose$12 / 15 Minutes

Nose hair doesn’t always like to stay contained inside the nose, especially when you get older. If you’re constantly trimming back your nose hair, waxing can spare you some time. Nose waxing is very quick and surprisingly comfortable. It feels kind of like a hard sneeze and instantly clears the hair in the lower nostril—just enough to clean up your look.

Ear$12 / 15 Minutes

Ear waxing, much like nose waxing, can feel a little foreign. However, it’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of peach fuzz on the outer ear and hair sprouting from the inner ear all in one go. Ear waxing usually keeps the ears smooth for up to six-weeks, and it’s much more comfortable (and quicker) than plucking. 

Full Face$49 / 30 Minutes

Treat yourself to a full face wax and feel your skin become as soft as a baby’s bottom. This treatment includes brows, lip, cheeks, sideburns, the chin, and the upper neck. It can also include a nose wax. Facial waxing not only removes the hair, but it exfoliates the skin, achieving beautiful softness.

Lash Tint$20 / 15 Minutes

Long, curly lashes are what every woman wants. Unfortunately, those with lighter hair colors or low lash volume are left wanting. Lash tinting adds more definition to the lashes, making them appear much more prominent, even when you’re not wearing makeup.

Brow Tint $15 / 15 Minutes

If you overplucked your brows when you were younger, you may be yearning for more definition in the eyebrows now. Brow tinting can make the brows appear fuller and thicker, so you can get the look you want. It’s the perfect service to make people wonder what it is you’ve been doing differently lately to look so good.

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